Online shopping sites have become common destination for most of us today. If you have a foot fetish, these sites open up a whole avenue of options for buying choice shoes right from the comfort of your homes. Some of the shoes that you have to possess in order to satisfy your shoe obsession are:

  • Chukkas: Comfortable and unpretentious, they have a smart look about them. Widespread in availability and made of rough leather, these mean casual business and are universal in appeal.
  • Loafers: Semi formal and extremely comfortable, these shoes are for those people who have tying shoe laces. Easy slip-ons which can be worn even to office, loafers are made of leather with or without ornamentations like buckles, tassels etc.
  • Work boots: These are meant for physical work in the true sense of the word. With absolute ankle stability, proper traction and toe protection, they let you rough it out as much as you can without getting damaged themselves or letting your foot get damaged.
  • Dress boots: These are high fashion boots made of fine leather which really help you to make an impression on the social scene. These finely crafted boots can easily outlive any other type of shoes you might have.
  • Duck boots: They are water proof and shaped in a way to protect your feet from those wet puddles if you plan to walk outdoors on a slushy day.
  • Gym sneakers: These are sneakers you can sweat in, do your cardio, engage in post-work sports or even take a quick detour to the gym. These are shoes that every man needs to keep lean and fit.

  • Casual street sneakers: They are just that; the ones you wear to the local grocery store or to get your diesel tank filled etc. They are built more for comfort than for their looks and are sturdy enough to resist the little snipes from even your little puppy.
  • Boat shoes: They are universal in their appeal, versatile in their use and have looks to die for. These are also the shoes that your girlfriend would quickly steal and wear, so be prepared for it when you buy shoes online.
  • Black leather shoes: These are formal dress shoes for those occasions which require a tuxedo. Weddings, funerals, formal diners, achievement banquets etc., are places which are most appropriate for these shoes.
  • Chacos: These are the ones which you wear for comfort in summer. They are the ones which let you enjoy the little things in life. In fact they are a man’s best friend for a variety of reasons.

Shoes are no longer mere accessories but objects of fashion which define a man’s looks. So choose carefully to rock all events and occasions.