Putting your dog in doggy daycare has many benefits, such as receiving the attention and care they truly need.

Socialization and exercise purposes

Doggy daycare San Jose provides playtime throughout the day and allows the dogs to express their normal behaviors. Your dog gets a chance to play with other dogs and properly interact and socialize. Naturally, the way our doggy daycare is ran gives the dog access to endless play in various playgroups.

Human contact

When you are working, the dog does not have human contact at home. The Doggy Daycare San Jose staff members interact with your dog regularly and provide human contact they may be missing at home.  

Supervised playtime

Some dog owners do not monitor their dogs when playing. They are not familiar with best practices that enhance good dog socializing.  A proper daycare has a professional staff with the right training to interpret the body language of your dog and ensure they are comfortable throughout the day.  

Relieves boredom

Dogs get stimulation and attention from other dogs and the service providers to eliminate boredom. It is an excellent solution for busy dog owners working more hours a week and hardly has enough time to attend to the needs of their dogs. Daycare offers opportunities to entertain your dog. They take the temperament and personality of the dog into consideration when deciding the right playgroup.

Provides routine

Dogs love routine just like other creations of habit. Send your dog to a daycare facility that helps them maintain their normal daily routine such as playtime and walks. Exercise is important for any dog as it improves their overall health and wellbeing. Training motivates the dog and enhances good behavior.

Dog owners enjoy a peace of mind

As the dog owner, you enjoy a peace of mind with the knowledge that the dog is receiving the best care. This eliminates guilt and gives you comfort while working.


The facility is safe and closely monitors all dogs to ensure they are having fun. All dog activities are under strict supervision. The service is affordable and offers your pet many benefits.

Flexible schedule

You can choose a flexible schedule on when to take your dog to the facility. You may be free on certain days and prefer to stay with your dog. Some dog owner chooses bi-weekly service depending on their needs and schedule. The daycare center will drop your dog at home as per the time agreement. You can have fun with your dog on your off-duty time and take the pet to the facility when you have a busy schedule. Dogs are healthier when they are happy. Contact the daycare service for quality doggy daycare services!