Many people get bored of their homes, and sometimes when they’re fed up, maybe with stress from work or family issues all they want to do is make themselves feel better by giving their home a little TLC. Whether it be decorating a certain room, or even spring cleaning, it has been said that people are happier when their home is everything they want it to be.

So if you’re fed up of your current living room and you’re looking ways to re-vamp it and keep it fresh and modern, well then you’re in luck, because in this blog we’re willing to give you some of the best top tips when it comes to decorating your living room.

Re-Vamping Your Living Room Top Tips:

  • When it comes to a living it is paramount that you think of everything, and what I mean by this is that attention for detail is important. One way you can spice up your living room is through having a wall collection, whether it is similar paintings or photos near each other, or perhaps even a matching gold set on the wall. You’re able to choose anything which suits the style you’re going for, and it gives a unique yet modern twist.
  • Add some colour and smells to your living room with vibrant flowers, and don’t forget the vase either. This won’t only add colour to your living room, but will make it feel homelier and let’s not forget about the smell. Adding to this, the vase, well the vase just finishes it off, making sure that extra detail is there.
  • Matching isn’t all what it used to be, as many people are now mixing and matching their materials and textures to create a dramatic feeling in the room, this works incredibly well in all types of rooms.
  • Have one dramatic feature wall whether it is painted a different colour to the rest, or whether it has wall paper, this draws attention to the wall and actually makes the room look bigger than it is. Another way to make your living room look bigger than it is, is adding mirrors, big or small can work – not to mention using transparent table and chairs works well too and is extremely modern.
  • Patterns aren’t only for the wall, why not mix it up by having plain walls and taking your patterns to the floor, either with a rug or carpet.
  • To give your living room a homelier feeling perhaps you can add warmth by installing a fireplace, there are many fireplaces that you are able to pick from, for example, electric, gas and not to mention the antique ones such as Victorian fireplaces and Edwardian fireplaces. To see a wide range of different kind of fireplaces, visit the well-respected,

  • If your living room is quite large and you think it just too big, then divide large spaces, for example create a space for the settee separate to perhaps the table.
  • A living room has to match your personality, therefore choose a style that compliments your personality and pick furniture which goes with your look, for example if you’re going for an antique look, use antique furniture and don’t cross with modern.
  • A side table does not have to be just for a place to put your food and drinks on, give the furniture different roles, for example put pictures on the table.
  • If you’re going for a minimalistic room, then we advise people to always make sure that there is a pop of colour somewhere.