Hotels nowadays always try to one up each other with style and perks. They want to leave a lasting impression on their guests. Some hotel styles go big and lavish with their decorations of different rooms. Hotel furniture will always be part of that package. But how do you make your hotel rooms stand out with all of their furniture and decor? You want to stand out, but you want to look trendy at the same time. And how do you get your furniture to match up with your decorations? Here are four ideas and themes that you will want to look into.

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  1. Spa-Like Bathrooms
    Bathrooms in a hotel room should be clean and look attractive. Why not turn it into a spa? Your guests have come home from a long day out on the town exploring and enjoying a high-energy vacation. When they get back to room, they just want to relax until they start to get hungry again. You can even turn it up a notch with luxurious features such as waterfall showers and over-sized bathtubs. Your guests will feel like they are bathing heaven.
  2. Blurring Indoor and Outdoor
    Keeping everyone feeling trapped indoors is not enjoyable anymore. Play on your guests’ sensory experiences with this concept. Guests will enjoy feeling like they are sleeping outdoors without doing it. Your hotel furniture and decoration will play a large role in this. With wood paneling, indoor waterfalls, stone decorations, you cannot go wrong. You can even go a step further with this and add in peaceful ambient sounds to bring your guests closer to nature.
  3. Going Green
    Speaking out the great outdoors, plants in rooms are beneficial. Not only do they provide oxygen, they also make the indoor look great. Everyone is trying to save the planet nowadays. This provides a challenge to hotel owners, but they managed to find ways to play in their favor and save money at the same time. Go for oversized windows for natural lighting. Recycle bins and electric faucets will save the environment and money all in one go. Your guests and the planet will thank you.
  4. Local Art is In
    Local cities have hidden treasures all around them. Locals know where everything is. Your hotel rooms could share the same sentiment about the local town. More and more hotel owners are starting to see this and putting local art in their hotel rooms. Your hotel furniture can reflect that style by you buying it locally. With a little bit of vision and skill, you can turn each room into a local art museum. The guests will leave impressed and feeling enriched with the local culture.