The idea of making an online purchase for goods and services does not seem very drastic these days. In fact, the convenience that online platforms have introduced is something that is attracting more and more people to online transactions.

However, not everybody is still confident and comfortable enough to buy used Mahindra XUV500 in Bangalore online. Their hesitation is because of their lack of knowledge of online platforms as well as fear of being cheated.

Here are some guidelines to follow when buying a used car online.

Make Your Own Valuation

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A seller will always tell you his asking price. But you should also do your own valuation for the car. You can do this by using online calculators or asking your trusted mechanic. You can also ask your friends and family members who have recently bought a second hand car for valuation tips.

Always Have Company During Inspection of Car

If you have gone to the owner’s or dealer’s place to inspect the car, then never go there alone. If you intend to get a mechanical level inspection done then ask your mechanic to come along so that he can check the engine and suspension of the car.If you are intending to do a more generic inspection then have somebody accompany you so that if in case you miss something, they might notice it.

Never Select a Car Without Taking a Test Drive

Many owners or dealers would refuse to let you drive the car. In the online ads they would mention that test drive of car is not available. You need to be careful in such cases because the real condition of the car can be known only after driving it. Instead you should look at those ads that mention that test drives can be pre-booked.