Cadillacs are known for being the ultimate luxury vehicles that also provide a sensible mode of transportation for your daily commute. When visiting a Cadillac dealership Lynnfield car buyers know that they will easily get the most value for their money, yet it is always hard to narrow down which type of car to buy when they are both amazing vehicles. As you plan for your new car purchase, use these strategies to determine whether an Escalade or a Sedan is right for you.

Think About Your Average Number of Passengers

Naturally, you need a car that can fit your whole family, and sedans are sensible for anyone who is carrying children in the backseat. However, an SUV allows for more space in the back, which means that you can carry up to seven passengers along with still having room for sporting equipment. Think seriously about how you plan to use your car, and pick the one that has enough space for everyone.

Consider Your Long-Term Budget

An Escalade feels like a dream come true for many families, but driving one can come with a few extra costs such as increased gas usage. If you are leaning toward an Escalade, talk to the salesperson at the Cadillac dealership Lynnfield families trust to find out about how newer models have better gas mileage than those in the past. If extra costs are still a concern, then a sedan provides the same luxury feeling with more budget-friendly features.

Take It For a Test Drive

At the car lot, decisions have been made simply based upon the test drive. For some people, the roominess offered by an SUV makes the driving experience better since they have leg room. Others find a sedan far easier to drive since its smaller exterior allows it to easily move between cars in a parking space, and shorter drivers find it easier to reach the pedals. Test driving your prospective new vehicles gives you a realistic idea of what it feels like to actually sit in the driver’s seat.

Buying a Cadillac truly puts you in a win-win situation. However, you still have to narrow down your options to find the best fit. By focusing how you plan to use your new car along with what it feels like to drive, you will be able to leave your Cadillac dealership feeling confident that you will love your new car for many years.