For people who don’t know that much about shooting but want take it up there are plenty of things which they need to know. Firstly, there are a wide variety of different types of shooting, so it is important to pick one which suits you the most. Adding to this you then must get the right gun, clothing, safety equipment and accessories for the type of shooting you choose in order to perform at a high level.

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to shooting, one being that it improves both your mental and physically discipline due to the cardio involved and the constant focus you need when shooting. Adding to this it has been said to build muscle and strengthen you and also improve your hand-eye coordination. There are plenty of benefits of shooting and these are only some of them.

So what is the most popular types of sports amongst shooting?

Well, hunting, obviously is an incredibly popular shooting sport which has been going on for hundreds of years but not there are other types of shooting which are in the running of competing which is the most popular shooting sports. These include clay pigeon shooting and BB gun and airsoft games.

BB gun games aren’t just great fun which you can enjoy with your friends but you also reap all the benefits of shooting and get to build long lasting friendships. One of the most favourable BB gun games is Skirmish, this involves crawling, sprinting and jumping, therefore gives everyone who plays the game a great cardio workout, not only this but it is one of the most favourable type of BB gun games due to it being great for building team work and leadership skills.

If you’re thinking that BB gun games is the sport you’re edging towards, then it is essential that you know some top tips in order to perform well when playing Skirmish, and here are some of them:

  • Always work as a team, before the game start assign roles for example the leader and then listen to each other this will be great help when you’re in the game.
  • Find cover as soon as the game starts, cover and the ground is your friend so if you’re not in cover we always advise to stay low and play tactical.
  • Know your surroundings, for example know where your team mates are, know where your cover is and know where the opponents are. Keep your eyes open and focused.

Moving onto the purchasing a BB gun, some people think they can pick just any BB gun and be fine, but there are a lot of things which you need to consider, for example:

  1. Legal Status
  2. FPS
  3. Your Role
  4. Magazines

If you’re wanting to see a wide range of BB guns and find out more information than visit: Adding to this it is important that you get your gun fitted to you, in order for it to fit properly and to be able to perform to your maximum potential.