When considering the type of classic car insurance to purchase in the market, you might find it a bit difficult choosing one.  While most people might see their car as a ‘luxury’ that urgently needs insurance, most car insurance companies see an old car with a low value. Though the insurance might be cheap but you also need to factor in the amount you will get in return if your car gets involved in accidents and needs to be fixed

Ensure you find a classic car insurance company that will offer you coverage based on an agreed value. Although some companies will want to know the market value of your car while some will allow you choose the level of coverage you want. Though this depends on the amount you intend paying as premium. The best type of insurance for classic cars is the agreed value car insurance Southern Oregon. This type of policy involves an agreement between you and your insurance company on the amount that is to be paid in the event of an accident. Your agent will also give you a quote for this type of policy.  Consequently, if an accident occurs and the cost of repair is lesser than your agreed value, then the insurance company will pay for the repair but in a case whereby the cost of repair is greater than the agreed value, the insurance company will give you the preset agreed amount.

Do you drive your car regularly?

It is worthy to note that if you only drive your classic car occasionally, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of short term insurance. If you will be driving a very sophisticated car for use only on special occasion,  then you need to consider a more suitable type of insurance policy that will cover you for the few times you will be driving it.  Since the less often you use the car, the less prone it is to accident.

Collision and Comprehensive Insurance

Collision is one of the major causes of accident; therefore, it isn’t a bad idea to consider an insurance policy that will cover your classic car if peradventure it gets involved in a collision. But just before you opt for this type of insurance policy, its important to figure out the right deductible for you. Though getting a cheap insurance policy is key but you will have to consider the potential risks and benefits involved in the long run.