Monetizing websites has become the new trend and advertising hasn’t gone out of style. Having a stable online presence with good traffic is an opportunity you should never let go to waste. This primarily means that you need to make it profitable and earn an extra buck out of it. Sound great, right?


Prior to the advent of Google AdSense, there were banner programs which were paid through CPC i.e. cost per click. Visitors on your website clicking on the ad banner is simply it. This way it’s like your website is a middleman between the customer and the advertising company or owner of the ad. Thus you need to do searches like InMotion Hosting Weak Points when looking for good hosting.


This is the most common form of ad advertising and trusted by most people. It takes a while for it to pick up but at least the ads are more audience related. This simply means that google uses your geolocation to customize relevant ads thus able to make some cash.


  • Joining is free
  • The eligible requirements are easy meaning you can pretty much start right away
  • The ads are well customized hence easily earn through CPC
  • The payment is monthly
  • One AdSense account can be used by several websites for ads
  • Its mobile friendly and has RSS feeds
  • It can easily be added to a YouTube account


  • the rules are pretty strict and could lead to account termination any time the rules are broken
  • its solely dependent on a targeted audience in order to success.
  • For you to make money they have to click on the ads, which in turn means to leave your website thus reducing traffic in the process.
  • Although it’s a great way of monetization, it doesn’t necessarily pay as much.