If you or your children have issues with crooked or displaced teeth, you may need the help of an Orthodontist in Annapolis, MD. An orthodontist is a medical professional that specializes in cosmetic dentistry, which is accomplished through braces and other dental devices and procedures.

When to See an Orthodontist

In most cases, a family dentist will recommend, or give a referral, to an orthodontist if they begin to notice that the teeth are not lining up properly or have become crooked. Some individuals seek an orthodontist without the suggestion of a dentist, which is normally acceptable. If approached by your dentist about braces or other dental appliances, or you notice that your teeth are becoming crooked, you should seek the services of an Orthodontist in Annapolis, MD.

What Can an Orthodontist Do To Improve Your Smile?

Orthodontists have a variety of tools at their disposal to help create the perfect smile. The process of straightening teeth comes in a variety of stages and can last anywhere from 1 to 4 years on average. There are also alternatives to traditional braces such as Invisalign for patients that want less visible options. When a patient goes in for a consultation with their orthodontist, they will go over all the issues and solutions, and break down the cost for the treatment. Most orthodontists will give you an estimated timeline and cover the highlights of the treatment plan.

Selecting A Good Orthodontist

It is critical that you select an orthodontist that has a reputation for great results as well as outstanding patient service. If you don’t get a recommendation or referral from your family dentist, you can try asking friends and family that have used an orthodontist before. It is also a good idea to check the patient reviews posted online. They can help shed some light on the quality of service, and alert you to any possible issues that you may encounter.

Payment Options

Before you begin your search, you should have an idea about how you will pay for the orthodontist’s services. If you are going to need financing you may want to apply for some type of medical credit. The orthodontist’s office may also offer a payment plan or recommend a company that they work with to finance patients. You can call some of the orthodontist offices in the area and ask about financing options if you need them.

Finding the right Orthodontist in Annapolis, MD may take a little time, but it is worth knowing that you will soon have a beautiful smile to be proud of for a lifetime.