With the advancement of technology, modern innovations have improved the fireplace efficiency, while also providing other benefits. Are you interested in modern fireplaces? Read more about the benefits of a fireplace and why it is the perfect feature for your home!

If your house has no wood stove, it is no longer necessary for you to undertake the disruptive and expensive process of building one.  With modern technology, you can either add a gas or electric fireplace. There are a variety of modern fireplaces in the market. Below are some of the modern fireplaces.

Gas Fireplaces

These are the most convenient. Starting a fire takes short moments as all is needed is to flip a switch and adjusting the thermostat. The gas fireplaces are also remote controlled. You can use a remote to start the fire, adjust the thermostat and do other things. Due to their ease of use, they are very common for the purpose of zone heating.

Gas fireplaces do not require house modifications when being installed in a room. First, you need to have a gas line or include a propane tank into the budget and design of the fireplace installation. If you do not have a gas line, recommendations are that you try an electric stove because a propane tank occupies a significant amount of space, hence making it difficult to hide the propane tank within the fireplace.

Fireplaces Inserts

The modern fireplace insert has improved efficiency and safety. They are also cost effective appliances since they do not allow the heated air escape through the chimney. A fireplace insert is a well-designed wood stove that fits in the fire box. It transforms fireplace into a viable source of heat. They create an environment which results in wood burning more slowly and at the same time significantly putting off more heat.

Electric fireplaces

An electric fireplace offers more flexibility than the traditional wood-burning. They work by drawing in cold air and heating it internally using a heating coil and smoothly forcing the air that has been warmed back into the room through a fan. Some use infrared technology that heats the objects in the chamber directly. Supplemental heating is offered in both scenarios for the desired location without fumes, hazardous gas or mess.

In addition to the flame effect, the electric fireplaces allow you to control the heating elements result. Hence, they can be adjusted to produce a flame without heat.  Since many manufacturers use advanced matching technology to help reproduce a beautiful fire glow, you can use the flash control option to set upon the flame of your desire. They have become familiar because the electrically stimulated fires are much safer than the traditional ones.