So, now that you have done your research and found your favorite among the new pontoon boats, it’s time to get it ready for all of the adventures you have to look forward to. Whether you plan on using your new pontoon for fishing, entertaining or relaxing, you’re going to want some accessories. Here are a few of the must have pontoon boat accessories.

Pontoon Boat Covers

One of the best ways to keep new pontoon boats looking new is with a boat cover. A boat cover will help to prevent the harmful rays of the sun fading carpet and seat material while the boat is docked. A cover will also help reduce the risk of rodents and other critters slipping onto your boat without your knowledge and keep everything dry during a rainstorm.

Bimini Tops

Bimini tops are a type of shade enclosure used for protection against the sun while you are out on the water. Bimini tops are mounted on the deck with hinges that are attached to both sides of the boat. The hinges also help to keep the top in an upright position while it’s in use. When you aren’t using the top it can be folded down or removed and stored in a case.


One of the most important accessories for new pontoon boats are seats. There is nothing better than lounging around in comfort any place on your boat. If you are planning on having boat parties (and you will), you’re going to need plenty of seating. There are several different types of seats to choose from, including bench seats that typically have extra storage under the seat cushion and swivel seats for the front of the boat, which is ideal for sitting and fishing in comfort.

Deck Flooring

Using the best flooring material for the deck of your pontoon boat will help to ensure that your boat is protected and well maintained against water exposure and harsh weather conditions.  It is recommended that you not go the least expensive route when it comes to the flooring, because not only can this jeopardize your safety, but the safety of those riding with you on the boat as well. Some of the materials to consider when looking for pontoon boat flooring include:

  • Marine carpet
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Aluminum flooring
  • Rubber flooring

The flooring you choose should give your boat an elegant finish, but it should also serve as a protective layer to minimize damages that may be caused by harsh weather elements. It is also best to have the flooring professionally installed.

Although the accessories mentioned above are more practical than fun, there are a whole host of fun accessories you can add to your boat as well. For example, boat slides, which can turn your pontoon boat into an instant water park adventure or grills, which make spending the entire day on the water even more fun. If you intend to swim while out on the water, consider adding a boarding ladder as well to make climbing on board after a swim much easier. The accessories you choose should be chosen for the activities you plan to do while on your boat and many can be chosen at the same time you purchase the boat, so they can be installed before you arrive at the dealer to pick the boat up.