A key with just a ring on top of it is way too traditional way too mainstream? How about a really cool handy gadget cum a key chain, which you can show off to your friends, do tricks with to impress your colleagues and above all the best pocket gadget you’ll find in the market.

Inspired by the balisong knife, butterfly key is now the latest trendy pocket gadget you’ll find. With its unique attractive design and extremely high tensile strength, the butterfly key is cast out of one solid block of Billet 6061 T6 Aluminum, the same element that is also used for the manufacturing of Audi R8 chassis, tactical flashlights and even combat aircraft. Aluminium makes it scratch and rust resistant, and free to use under any weather.

Unlike the stress reliever fidget spinner, which serves only one single purpose, the butterfly key serves multiple purposes, that of a stress reliever as a handy gadget, the blank key can be cut and replaced by any of your cars, motorcycle, house key by any locksmith, and it is so designed that it can even be used as a tool for self-defense in order to protect oneself. Every single piece of butterfly key is modelled, modified and hand assembled in the USA.

Contrary to the butterfly knife, the butterfly key is legal to carry in every aspect.

It’s clicking sound is quite satisfying to one’s ears, it feels good to be held in hand and is safe and easy to carry.


Scratch proof and rust resistant

Available in amazing anodisedcolours

Can be easily attached to any key chain

Dimensions: diameter-13mm; length-70mm

Lifetime warranty


We also take customised orders and special requests which in most of the cases are free of any charges.

So play on the go with the trendy all new butterfly key. Order yours now at  http://www.butterflykeys.com/shop/