Like many other sports, it is important that golf should also be geared up with all the latest designs and equipments that can make your game more efficient. Golf is being played with a golf ball and the golf club. Golf balls are simple and come in a standard form, whereas golf clubs are made available in many attractive designs and components which can enhance your game. Not all the golf clubs will work for you, so it is best to choose such golf club which provides you with maximum results. To know more about these golf clubs, you can simply visit for better consideration.

Type of Iron: These golf clubs are made using iron metal. But iron is also of many types. Two varieties of irons are very popular these days which are forged iron and cast iron. Forged iron is made using single piece of iron that is hammered hard to bring into the desired shape. On the other hand cast iron is poured into a mold so that it can take its shape. These molds make it easy for the manufacturers to experiment with the club head.

Design of iron: These irons are made available in many designs that you can choose. Each design provides you with different features and usability. Some designs will make your game play even better whereas some of them will provide you with better hitting power. The ball will cover more range when hit by these iron clubs. Usually there are 9 sets of iron that you can use with your game play. Each iron will have its own distinguished features.

Shafts: Shaft is the middle portion of the golf club that connects the head with your grip. It is a long stick like structure whose one end is joined with club head and other end is in your hand. These shafts are made available in many materials, but steel is the most popular choice as it is hard and provides very less flex as compared to other materials.