Negligent drivers can and do cause car accidents all the time. Upon watching a video of an accident, an onlooker may wonder “Why did the driver operate the vehicle in such a way?” The answer is he/she had no choice. The driver really was not the negligent party as far as the accident was concerned. A terrible repair job might be at the root of the problem.

Mechanic Negligence

A mechanic can be guilty of negligence when he/she performs a poor job on diagnosing and repairing an automobile. A terrible repair job is not something a mechanic can escape. Being taken to small claims court and being forced to refund money could be the least of a mechanic’s problems. If an accident is caused due to the negligence of a mechanic, the mechanic and the garage employing this person could very well be held liable for damages.

Replacing the wrong sensor, not noticing all the problems in the electrical system, or even further damaging the vehicle due to a bad repair job might all be deemed negligent actions. If any of the mechanic’s actions play a role in causing an accident, walking away from responsibilities probably won’t be an option.

The auto shop could escape legal jeopardy if the driver who caused the accident does not call attention to a mechanic’s contribution to mechanical damage. With solid legal representation, this is not a likely outcome.

Informing an Attorney

After an incident on the road, setting up a meeting with Fayetteville car accident lawyers should be a major priority. Telling the attorneys about any problems experienced after repair work probably would be prudent. An attorney might call in an investigator to look into any problems deriving from poor repair work.

Leaving things solely up to the insurance company might not be the best plan. While it is true auto liability insurance is designed to cover an at-fault driver, no one knows how the insurance company is going to decide. In other words, the chances of a claim being denied exist. Another problem would be the chances of being sued beyond one’s policy limits.

The sad truth is no one knows what the aftermath of an accident is going to be. With the right legal representation, a proper path forward for dealing with the situation can be devised.

Recovering Damages

Say one car crashes into another car due to the vehicle’s brakes not working properly. The injured party could file suit against the driver and a mechanic who performed a poor brake job. Sadly, the driver may not completely escape liability even when the mechanic did wrong. Again, therefore the driver is best served exploring all legal options. The driver might be able to sue the mechanic or auto shop for any losses such as any judgment beyond what a policy paid for. The insurance company who makes settlement may even sue the mechanic and garage. Yes, a lot of “legal wrangling” often arise from complicated accident situations.

Without effective counsel, dealing with such a situation becomes nearly impossible. There is just too much at risk to not have a skilled car accident attorney in one’s corner when such a convoluted legal mess emerges.