With the advent of technology and the intrusion of necessary legislation, healthcare has experienced several dynamic shifts in focus. Gone are the days that a single physician would attend to an entire town. Medical knowledge is now ubiquitous, and the many students are confidently pursuing medical careers. A statistical study took in the year 2013 provides there are over one million medical physicians in the United States. 0.15 percent of this figure denotes doctors who are inactive, and 0.044 percent of this statistic represents unregistered physicians.

Not only has the number of medical professionals gone up, but also the number of patients has significantly boomed.  This is partly due to the ever-increasing human population, our sedentary lifestyle, and new health risks discovered every day on our planet. A significant number of patients have proven to be an overwhelming lot for the medical professionals based in various health institutions across the United States. Surely, one physicians cannot efficiently attend to the 321.4 people.

A primary concern of medical practitioners devoted to healing is how the overwhelming number of patient’s doctors and professionals must see a day is compromising the quality of health care. To curb this inefficiency, concierge medicine was introduced to the medical industry. This form of healthcare service is a membership-based medical practice.  This medical model initiated in the 1990s has garnered popularity among the population and changed the game among medical professionals.

Concierge medicine doctors Dallas is a membership-based practice instead of insurance based.  Doctors offer primary medical care at an annual fee. These primary care services are usually not covered by most insurance packages thus making this form of the medical model very lucrative to the consumer. This new health care model offers preventative services, private patient home visits, diagnostic services, and screening tests.  Membership fees may range from about 80 to 100 dollars a month and two thousand five hundred dollars a year.

Concierge medicine has a lot of benefits that many patients and doctors can attest to. Firstly, this model of health care is coordinated and comprehensive. The physician offers services beyond traditional practices. Conventional physicians provide intervallic care. They deal with their patients only when they are sick, and their objective is to alleviate the symptoms and eliminate the underlying cause. A private physician is concerned with the overall health of his patients. Physicians help their patients synchronize care with other health care providers such as consultants when the latitude of care goes beyond the primary physician.

Patients who suffer from chronic diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, and psychological conditions such as schizophrenia benefit from the additional attention provided by private physicians. A private physician can manage the wellbeing of his chronic patients and ensure they are following their medical regimens and whether this regiment suits their needs and requirements. Additionally, this model of healthcare is relatively cost effective, convenient, and a patient can call in a doctor at any time and in any place.

Concierge medicine doctors Dallas offers proactive and preventative medical care.  Dallas, Texas has several membership-based health care services that are affordable and available to the people. People from all over the State and the entire country travel to Dallas to seek the professional proficiency of the medical caregivers in the locality.